So Mini Reasons to Smile!

Everyone loves donuts, and our goal is to serve them however you like them best. Each mini donut is made to order - there are no rules and our donuts don't discriminate, so we encourage you to use your imagination and creativity to create your favorites!

Our mission is to make every day a better day and put a smile on your face, beginning with our first class customer service and ending with a delicious, one-of-kind warm donut just for you.

Pick from our signature minis or create your own!

3 Pack  - $2.50
6 Pack  - $5.00
12 Pack - $10.00
25 Pack - $20.00

Signature Mini Donuts

  • Whiskey Glazed – A Donut Distillery Original made with real Tennessee Whiskey

  • Cinnamon/Sugar – Nothing like a classic

  • Sweet Swine – Maple frosting with homemade bacon bits – when your syrup drips into your bacon!

  • Dreamsicle – Vanilla frosting dipped in Tang

  • Death by Chocolate – Chocolate frosting, Oreo’s and hot fudge swirl

  • Strawberry Lemonade – Vanilla frosting dipped in strawberry lemonade

  • Frosted Fruity – Vanilla frosting dipped in Fruity Pebbles

  • Grape Pixi-stix – Vanilla frosting dipped in grape Kool Aide

  • Strawtella – Nutella with fresh strawberries

  • Reese’s Cup – Chocolate frosting with Reese’s cups

  • Rocky Road – Chocolate frosting topped with nuts and drizzled with marshmallow

Create Your Own Mini

pick a frosting

Chocolate - Vanilla - Maple - Glazed - Whiskey Glazed - Cinnamon / Sugar - Powdered Sugar - Buttercream - Nutella - Strawberry

pick a topping

Oreo Cookie - Reeses Cup - Heath Bar - Rainbow Sprinkles - Bacon - Coconut - Mint Chips - Orange - Grape - Strawberries - Strawberry Lemonade - Nuts

pick a drizzle

Caramel - Marshmallow - Hot Fudge - Peanut Butter